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Making Faith the Bedrock of Your Career 

by Rick Stephens

in plane sight

Hard work. Determination. Education. Perseverance.

These are the qualities that come to mind when we think of ultimate business success. But is there more to it?

It's faith.

The true secret to success is deeper and more meaningful.

"As business executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs, we strive for excellence in all we do. But God has even more in store for us than we could ever make happen on our own. All we have to do is make Him—not ourselves—the foundation of our careers. In Plane Sight is a candid first-person account in which Rick Stephens shares his business successes and failures, including the ins and outs of how he started a multi-million dollar company from his basement. He shares how God’s plans have always surprised Him, but always lead toward an abundance beyond what he could ever imagine for himself. Join Rick on his journey, In Plane Sight, as he narrates his life as a leader, father, husband, philanthropist, business executive, and more. Experience the exciting highs and the nail-biting lows on his quest for success, and glean his advice for connecting with Christ, juggling the work-life balance, and cultivating authentic friendships. This book will not only be an irreplaceable reference as you navigate your own career, but also acts as a roadmap for finding Jesus, seeking wisdom, and trusting God’s plan above all else."

Phil Hodges
Co-founder of Lead Like Jesus
Co-author of Lead Like Jesus, Lead Your Family Like Jesus, and Servant Leader



“Tighten your seat belt. You are in for some white-knuckle moments as you fly through Rick Stephens’ life while reading In Plane Sight. This internationally known entrepreneur shares openly his successes and failures, guiding you to find the shortest route to your own ‘Promised Land.’  You will learn faith-based business and life lessons from your armchair, lessons Rick paid for in the ‘School of Hard Knocks.’”

- Merrill J. Oster
Founder, Pinnacle Forum
Author, You Can Change the World

“Not often does one get to celebrate a life well-lived while the man is still on this side of eternity, but that’s exactly what I did while reading each page of this book about my good friend and Pinnacle Forum brother, Rick Stephens. This excellently written and engaging book is packed with real-life drama and profound wisdom born from life’s challenges and trials. Rick manages to capture his reader’s mind with valuable business insights—while also gripping the heart—as he humbly and transparently shares his life’s tragedies, trials, and triumphs. It’s almost like a cross between Ken Blanchard’s One Minute Manager and the movie It’s a Wonderful Life. With every turn of the page, one sees the golden thread of God’s favor and blessings falling upon this man who sought to put God first and to make every aspect of his life—his business, family, and friends—an act of worship to Him. Well done!”

- Stephen Cervera
President, Mission Fuel Inc
Former Systems Engineering Manager, Apple, Inc.

 “In Plane Sight is a powerful and inspiring true story about a man, Rick Stephens, who has been used by God to bless hundreds of employees, friends, and family. Rick’s remarkable life story is told with Scripture and examples that describe his journey from humble beginnings to building the world’s leading hobby company. By listening to God, obeying and believing, he overcame obstacles, made mistakes, and persisted...honoring his deep faith every step of the way. It is an inspiring entrepreneurial story, filled with guidance for any leader.”

- Cordia Harrington
CEO, The Bakery Cos.

“Rick Stephens’ new book, In Plane Sight, inspired, educated, informed, and entertained me. Talk about bang for the buck! I have the highest regard for Rick as a person, Christian, and business entrepreneur. What a gift for all of us that he has taken the time to share his experiences and beliefs about these three identities! In Plane Sight is a great life story, business journey, and testament to faith in God and the wonders it brings. For me, a special feature of the book is that it is 'confessional' in the best sense of that word: honest, authentic, and completely candid. Rick has achieved a lot. But he is a humble person, so the tone is never about him. It is about his wife, Jeanine, and their family, his colleagues and co-workers in the company he founded, and the benefactors of his and Jeanine’s generosity. Above all, In Plane Sight is about Rick’s relationship with God, how it developed, and why it has mattered. When I received In Plane Sight, I dove in immediately and read it from cover to cover in a couple of days. It is that engaging. Thank you, Rick!”

- B. Joseph White
President Emeritus, University of Illinois
Dean Emeritus, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

In Plane Sight is an inspirational, courageous reflection and I highly recommend it highly. Rick’s clear writing and no-excuse style provides an easy, clear read that leaves no doubt about his faith and God’s role in his interesting and successful career.”

- James Leonard, MD
CEO, CarleHealth

"In Plane Sight, Rick Stephens offers a compelling and transparent retrospective of a successful entrepreneur and Kingdom-minded leader with a heart for God and people. Through tests and triumphs, he reveals the essence of his principles-based philosophy to work and life: do the right thing, do the thing right, and involve God every step of the way. In doing so, he inspires and equips us to lead in a manner that brings out the best in people. Thank you, Rick, for your gift of wisdom and example."

- Dennis J. Trittin
President of LifeSmart Publishing, LLC 
Author of What I Wish I Knew at 18: Life Lessons
for the Road Ahead
and Parenting for the Launch

“Rick believes that in business you need a significant change every five to eight years, but one thing does not change—our walk with God. In this book, Rick shares how he has walked with God through every trail, tragedy, loss, mistake, and victory. Rick has been a blessing in my life for forty years, and I have witnessed many of the stories in this wonderful book. I will share this book with many who do not know Rick personally, but will benefit from his message of faithfulness.”

- Rev. Dr. Edgell Franklin Pyles, PhD
Chaplain Emeritus, Snowmass Chapel

“Rick Stephens’ book, In Plane Sight, is one of the most beautiful books I have read in many years. Rick talks eloquently about how God has been by his side in every aspect of his life: the successes and the challenges, the beautiful treasured moments and the tragic ones. He makes it clear that God has guided all the important decisions he has made.The amazing story of Rick’s life is that, although he has depended on God, he has not let that replace his hard work to start and lead a successful business or his love and devotion to his family and friends. His religious grounding permeates every minute of his life from the moment he met two people while in college until today. This kind of unswerving faith is moving, and makes this book an important read no matter what your religious background is.”

- Phyllis M. Wise, CEO, Colorado Longitudinal Study
Formerly Chancellor, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana; Provost and Interim
President, University of Washington

“When my good friend Rick asked me for my critical review of In Plane Sight, I called to urge him to publish it to a wider business audience. By telling his story so candidly, Rick provides many valuable ‘lessons learned’ for young business leaders: be absolutely clear about your mission, empower all members of your team, ask for help when you need it, and, after careful analysis of strategic options, be willing to take major risks. And, at the heart of it all, is Rick’s real-life relationship with God, which adds dimension and depth to his career in business. I highly recommend this book to all members of the Young Presidents Organization, which both Rick and I have been part of, and those in leadership positions in any business or nonprofit. I can’t wait to give In Plane Sight to my two adult boys, who are both young entrepreneurs!”

- James W. Light
Co-founder of Chaffin Light Associates

Books like this are often written with bravado and over-confidence by someone seeking to become a "celebrity entrepreneur." In Plane Sight is a humble success story written by someone who sees himself as a servant leader seeking the guidance of God. Rick Stephens tells us what is really important in life. Compellingly, he shows us how to become aware of God's presence at every decisive turn. In Plane Sight is inspiring. It may also be life-changing.

- Philip Reed
Five Star Review (Amazon)

If you are a business, community, and/or family leader, and you're striving to enhance your faith in God and obedience to His will, you should read In Plane Sight. It is full of excellent teaching on: building a nourishing, successful company culture; what is a servant leader and how to be one; living with courage and confidence in God's love. I am privileged to know Rick for years, now, and i admire him tremendously for both his accomplishments and his kind, thoughtful attitude. I have been aware of many incidents described in this book. But Rick puts things in better perspective here, and makes much more clear both the intensity of his struggles and the resultant growth of his faith. It is an enlightening and encouraging testament.

- Richard C. Siemer
Five Star Review (Amazon)

"In Plane Sight" is that rare opportunity to walk in the shoes of someone who built a thriving company that resonated with the Golden Rule, Customer Focus, and Servant Leadership (the Inverted Pyramid). The wonderful part in reading Rick's story is that he takes you through his struggles too--and you quickly see God's hand and Rick's faith.
Rick's story of beginning with four people in the basement of his home to growing his business to become the world leader in radio control hobbies is secondary to the impact Rick made in the lives of the people he supported as "the least important person at Horizon".

- Kurt Bock
Five Star Review (Amazon)

This is the life story of a small-town guy who latched on to the hand of his Savior and held on while going on a trip of a lifetime. Rick shares candid details of his life in and out of business and how his faith walk led him to enjoy an abundant life in spite of the challenges. It's an inspiration to those of us who want to balance our commitments to our family, our business and its employees, and God.

- James M Martin
Five Star Review (Amazon)

I found this book fascinating on multiple levels. The authors' personal story and his recounting of tragedies, setbacks, challenges, successes and joys is both interesting and compelling. On a deeper level, how he weaves his deep and exceptional faith in God through out his life story and reveals the remarkable impact his strong faith has had on family, business and community is truly inspirational. Highly recommend!

- Amazon Customer
Five Star Review (Amazon)

In Plane Sight is a bone-honest testimony of how the author dealt with numerous trials and successes throughout his life and career. Rick's account is deeply personal, practical and relatable, meant to help others receive God's love and direction for their lives. I couldn't put it down the first time through, but will read it again more contemplatively in order to take to heart the message contained within.

- Janet Ottmers
Five Star Review (Amazon)

The book is a true story of grit and faith…a humble servant leader that “walks the talk”. He prayed and lead. Was patient and forgiving. His story is a modern day bible story. I am thankful to know him, respect him and know his book will positively impact leaders for generations to come!

- Cordia Harrington
Five Star Review (Amazon)

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